The Dodge City Red Demons Debate Team continued its winning ways after a three-week hiatus by winning Buffalo Invitational Tournament in Garden City on Nov. 3.

That same day, the junior varsity squad earned top wins in the Bishop Carroll Invitational in Wichita.

In Garden City, the senior duo of Alejandro Rangel and Daniel Soriano posted a 5-0 record to take top honors in the open division.

The win marks the third time the duo finished a meet in first place this year and brought their season standings to 17-3.

The win also gave the team enough to qualify them for the 6A State Tournament in January.

Debating together for the first time, the team of Guadalupe Hipolito and Hever Arjon, were not far behind finishing the day with a 3-2 record and fourth place.

Because of a technicality, however, the team actually took 4-1 records from the meet, according to DCHS Debate Coach Steve Ray.

The two DCHS squads were forced to debate each other as the last two undefeated teams in the meet which is a rarity in competition.

"One team was awarded the victory for scoring in the tournament and the other was assigned a loss that counted for tourney placing purposes only but a win for season record and state tournament qualification," Ray said. "The downcast pair dropped their last actual round of the day.

"It’s disappointing for the team that gets assigned the loss, because it wrecks their chance to place higher in the medal rankings and it sometimes hurts the team’s standings for sweepstakes.

"It’s also disappointing because teams seldom are scheduled to meet their teammates they could debate in class any day of the week at an out-of-town tournament."

Maria Cruz and Josias Chavez, the novice team, went 4-1 on the day to provide the final score for the sweepstakes title.

The team ranked fifth in their division while other novices finished with 3-2 marks.

Those novice teams were David Long and Joseph Looney, Autumn Klein and Joel Soto, and Elizabeth Cox and Jessica Rivera.

Marks of 3-2 were the common denominator for the four DCHS junior varsity division teams in Wichita.

The team of Deymi Martinez and Rubi Gonzalez earned 22 speaker points claiming ninth place at Bishop Carroll while teams of Christopher Montford and Eduardo Orona and Alondra Valle and Mia Ochoa were right behind them with 23 speaker points tying for tenth out of the 32 teams entered.

Yesenia Guzman and Jackie Soto compiled a 3-2 tally with 21 speaker points to earn twelfth place among 35 pairs in the novice division for junior varsity.

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