The City of Dodge City requires that all dogs residing in the city limits of Dodge City be licensed.

The owner of any dog over three months of age shall annually register their dog with the name, sex and description of each dog.

Any newly-acquired dog should be registered within 30 days of acquisition or bringing the dog into the city.

The cost of registration is $5, and a copy of current rabies vaccination must be submitted at the time of registration.

"By registering your dog through the city, we will have a record of ownership, and in the event the dog is picked up by Animal Control, we will have the information to contact the owner," said Animal Shelter director Laura Stein. "We want to make sure pets are returned to their owner promptly should they be caught running at large."

A dog license can be obtained during normal business hours at the Animal Shelter, 104 N. 2nd Avenue, the police department at 110 W. Spruce Street and City Hall, 806 N. 2nd Avenue.

Contact the Animal Shelter at 620-225-8180 for further information.