Don Neri has taken on an internship he didn't think was possible. Neri joined the tool and die design for castings at Tesla Motors.

"I started a new chapter in my life," Neri said. "My future goals are to attain employment in the metal casting industry and given what I’ve seen in my few days here and the area, I would love to work at Tesla!"

Neri graduated from Dodge City High School in 2015 and is currently in his third year at Pittsburg State. Doing dual credits his senior year, he was able to graduate with his associates degree of welding technology from Dodge City Community College in 2016 and is majoring in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at Pittsburg State.

Neri was able to achieve the internship through his work at Emerson Fischer Controls headquarters.

"Given my previous industry experience in my past internship at Emerson Fischer Controls headquarters, it gave me experience that fit the exact needs for what Tesla was looking for in their interns," Neri said.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, Neri is unable to say what else he has been working on with Tesla.

Neri said that his work wouldn't have been possible without those that helped him along the way.

"Daniel Aistrup introduced me to the welding and manufacturing Industry," Neri said, "Buc Bolmer helped develop my work ethic with the sport of running, Justin Weil guided me towards the engineering program, Russell Rosmait helped me get exposure to the metal casting industry, Nathan Vanbecelaere enhanced my metal casting knowledge with my first engineering internship, my parents for their endless love and support and Bobby Larry for mentorship.

"They’ve all gone the extra mile to ensure that I excel in my career. For that I’ll be forever grateful." When asked if he had been able to meet vocal Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Neri said, "No I haven’t met Elon Musk ... yet!"

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