He was a Boot Hill gunfighter who went on to do bigger things in Hollywood.

Billy Drago was born as William Eugene Burrows, Jr. on September 18, 1949 in Hugoton, Kansas to actor/director William Eugene Burrows, Sr. and Gladys Marie Wilcox.

Drago is known for his versatile acting, rugged appearance and evil smile. Though most of his appearances were in low-budget motion pictures and as guest appearances in television shows, Billy Drago's resume is extensive and spans over 35 years.

After graduating high school, he was one of Boot Hill Museum's famous gunfighters. After his stint as a gunfighter he attended the University of Kansas. He began his post-college career as a radio host. Later, he began acting joining an acting company which took him to Canada and New York City.

In 1979, he began appearing in films, among the earliest were, "No Other Love," "Windwalker" and "Cutter's Way." He also guest starred in TV shows including "Hill Street Blues," "Moonlighting," "Walker Texas Ranger" and Trapper John, M.D." Quite often he played the parts of villains.

He played the role of Deputy Mather in the 1985 Clint Eastwood movie "Pale Rider."

One of his best-known roles was that of Al Capone's henchman, Frank Nitti in 1987 in the movie "The Untouchables." He is also well-known as Ramon Cota in the 1990 Chuck Norris film, "Delta Force 2." Other renowned appearances are Mad Dog Time (1996), as Black Hand Kelly in the direct to video movie "Tremors 4" (2004) and the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes (2006) where he was the leader of mutant nomads.

Drago has appeared in numerous other movies and TV shows including "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." and "The X-files."

In 1999, Drago was cast as the demon, Barbas, in the Warner Brothers series "Charmed." Due to popular demand, Barbas was brought back for six more episodes. He appeared in five of the show's eight seasons.

Billy Drago was married to actress Silvana Gallardo. who died in 2012. Together, they produced an instructional acting video. His son Darren E. Burrows, born in Winfield, Kansas in 1966, is also an actor. Darren is best known for his portrayal of Ed Chigliak  in the television series  Northern Exposure.

Drago has continued acting in films as late as 2014.