Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr would like to inform everyone that there is another scam being perpetrated against the citizens of Ford County.

Citizens are receiving scam calls from individuals claiming to be IRS agents and requesting payment for past due debts.

They are requesting payment in ways of debit cards, money cards or music cards.

Phone numbers that have been identified from these scams are: 303-713-3779, 281-968-5113 and 218-899-0926; (Do Not Call).

Most all scams are being perpetrated by very sophisticated organized criminal organizations and are nearly impossible to track.

Once your money is gone there is little to no chance that any prosecution will take place or that you will recover any of your stolen money.

Most of these scams originate in India, Africa and assorted Asian countries but there have been some originating from the U.S.

If anyone calls you claiming to need any form of payment via cash card, bank account or credit card information you are encouraged to hang up and notify your local law enforcement agency.

Remember that the IRS or any legitimate police agency will not ask for payment on the phone via cash cards, credit card or bank account information.

In addition to the phone scams" there have been a number of scams that have been perpetrated through the US Mail.

Use caution when answering any solicitation for money that you are not personally familiar with via the US Mail or phone.