Dodge City native and world traveller, Bernie Weller needs your help. On Monday, Jan. 14, Weller went to his storage unit on Frontview Street and found he had been robbed.

"They took everything," Weller said. "I had items in there I had been collecting over 50 years and I just want some of it back."

Those items stolen Weller wants returned are family photo albums, books on tree trimming, plant identification, Christian books and self-help books.

"I had a black leather motorcycle saddle bag taken too but I don't care if I get that back," Weller said, "I just want my books and photo albums, some of those books I had not even read yet."

Weller made a report with the Dodge City Police Department and is now asking for the community's help.

If anyone has any information on the theft, contact the Dodge City Police Department at 620-225-8126 or Weller at 620-339-2484.

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