In 1935, this community just east of Dodge City on the Arkansas River was the only garden homestead project in the Nation.

All that is left of "Wilroads" today is a Right Co-op Elevator. From 1909 to 1922 Wilroads did have a U.S. Post Office.

But "Wilroads Gardens," two miles northwest of "Wilroads," which was financed by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, still lives on.

According to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce's magazine, in May 1935 the first unit of the nearby new community consisted of 29 homes and had been partially finished. The planned second and third additions to Wilroads Gardens would bring the number of homes close to 100.

The houses were built by residents of, or people who planned to make their homes in, Wilroads Gardens. C.C. Isely, who secured this U.S. government loan, led the Wilroads Corporation. Isely hired the builders and allocated part of their wages to help them pay for their homes.

With each house was an area for growing crops and the entire area was irrigated. Alfalfa and sugar beets were among the crops grown by residents. There were plenty of chickens and nearly everyone had a least one cow. Other preferred livestock were sheep and hogs.

In 1935, some families were thinking of planting fruit trees.

The establishment of Wilroads Gardens in the early 1930's was a response to the Great Depression. During these financially trying times, this project gave families the opportunity to supplement their income through agriculture and gave them the chance to own homes.

As there were more applicants than tracts available, the process of obtaining a spot in Wilroads Gardens was competitive.

Families were selected on the basis of need, character and willingness to work.

One of the results of this depression era project was sense of community spirit which lasts to this day.

As of July 1, 2018, the village had 614 residents. There is a small airport, the Wilroads Gardens Christian Church and a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school.

The Wilroads Gardens Wildcats make up the smallest school in USD 443, but they perform well on tests and this school has a good student to teacher ratio of 16.3 to one.

Nearby Wilroads Feed Yard is part of the Irsik and Doll Company and has a 12,135 feeding capacity.