Another phone scam is making the rounds in Ford County.

According to Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr, has warned the community of another scam being perpetrated against the citizens of Ford County and surrounding areas.

"Citizens are receiving scam calls from individuals claiming to be a detective, deputy from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office and requesting payment for outstanding warrants signed by a district judge," Carr said in a press release. "They are requesting payments in form of debit cards, money cards or game cards."

Carr says that on Jan. 27,  male called several Ford County residents and surrounding citizens claiming to be from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office stating they had "failure to appear warrants" for their arrest for missing jury duty.

"The caller is saying the warrant is issued by Judge Hood," Carr said. "The caller wants to meet the person being called to pick up prepaid credit card or game card.

Whoever is making such calls are not employed by the Ford County Sheriff’s Office."

Carr also asks that citizens not entertain conversation with these individuals.

Some of the phone numbers being used are 620-227-4501 and 620-227-4590.

"These are the Ford County Sheriff’s Office phone numbers," Carr said. "These are phone number the sheriff’s office uses on a daily basis.

"If you have received a scam call from either of these phone numbers please call in and so we can make a report on the call."

The criminal organizations and are nearly impossible to track, according to Carr. All the scams in recent time are being perpetrated with sophistication.

The chances of any money being recovered from these transactions are nearly impossible to occur.

"Once your money is gone there is little to no chance that any prosecution will take place or that you will recover any of your stolen money," Carr said. "Most of these scams originate in India, Africa and assorted Asian countries but there have been some originating from the United States."

Contact local law enforcement agencies if anyone calls you claiming to need any form of payment via cash card, bank account or credit card information.

"Contact the Ford County Sheriff’s Office directly with any questions or concerns," Carr said.

The warrant scam is the second known scam to take place in Ford County in recent weeks.

The sheriff's office fielded information regarding a scam from individuals claiming to be IRS agents and requesting payment for past due debts.

Remember that the IRS or any legitimate police agency will not ask for payment over the phone via cash cards, credit card or bank account information.

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