The Carnegie Center for the Arts has a new display.

Stan Herd's "Charles Goodnight of Kansas" has a new home with the Carnegie after a donation of the painting was made by Dr. R.C Trotter and Mary Trotter recently.

"The Trotter's have been so generous to us," Bobbi Brown, director of the Carnegie Center for the Arts said. "They made this donation to us and have sponsored many things for us. We are very thankful."

The painting was purchased by the Trotter's through an auction many years ago and needed the right home.

"I think I bought it three years ago at a benefit for the Carnegie," R.C. Trotter said. "For a year after I sent it to Sterling College so the art students there could see a world-class piece of art and after that when we brought it back we felt it needed to stay in Dodge City."

The Trotter's sponsorship for the Carnegie is also for the annual Christmas Card contests, Western Heritage Art Contest for children and many others.

"This is a piece of western heritage history," R.C. Trotter said. "It is said that the caricature of the piece inspired Lonesome Dove so it needed to be in Dodge City.

"Dodge City is like a second home for Stan so having his art here is a means to inspire those in the community with their own art and encourage them to be artists."

Carnegie Center for the Arts is located at 701 N. 2nd Avenue and is open from noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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