The Dodge City Public Library will be closing from Feb. 11 through March 1 as they move their youth program and the Kansas Heritage Center to their newly renovated spaces downstairs.

The Kansas Heritage Center will also be temporarily shuttered its doors effective Thursday as they prepare to reopen at their new location.

Computer stations, the multilingual program and young adult services will also be relocating within the library.

"We are excited about these upcoming changes and are sure patrons of the library will be as well," said Phil Handsaker, community relations specialist for the library. "Our goal is to make this transition in as organized and swift a manner as possible, although we certainly don’t want to put patrons in danger during the moving of some pretty sizable pieces of furniture."

Brooke Zarco, youth and family services librarian added, "We can’t wait for the public to see the new and updated portions of the library. The changes we are implementing will better enable us to serve the needs of the public."

The Friends of the Library will also be preparing for their reopening during this time.

"We’re in there working and doing what we can, because we’re as excited about reopening as are our customers," said Shirley Callahan, board president for the Friends.

Jeff Forrest, outgoing board chair of the Dodge City Public Library board of trustees said, "This is a time of change and great growth. "With growth comes the need to do some things that are out of the norm. These changes are a necessary thing that the library feels it needs to do to accommodate the growing needs of our community. I believe the end result is so worth this couple weeks of inconvenience.

"And a reminder that the library plans to continue to be open on Saturdays during the move. Folks will still be able to drop off their books at the front and pick up new materials on weekends."