The Dodge City High School Red Demon Forensics Team traveled to Southwestern Heights High School in Kismet for their first tournament of the 2019 season.

The tournament featured teams from 12 schools including Garden City and Liberal.

The Red Demons brought home at least one medal in every event they competed in.

They took 1st place in three events: Serious Solo Acting, Kylee Smith; Duet Interpretation, Olivia Ramos and Arden Ingram and Oral Interpretation of Prose, Oliva Ramos.

They took 2nd place in those same three events: Serious Solo Acting, Halle Robinson; Duet Interpretation Jana Garcia and Lizette Moreno; Oral Interpretation of Prose, Allison Haselhorst, along with Original Oration, Alicia Santos Mercado, and Oral Interpretation of Poetry, Alicia Santos Mercado.

Rounding out the medals were 3rd place in Oral Interpretation of Poetry, Gage Banks; 4th in Humorous Solo Acting, Angel Amaro; 4th in Original Oration, Carolina Gallegos, and a 5th place medal to Kyle Spurgin.

Four more students competed but did not break into finals: Viviana Tarango, Destiny Harris, Glenn Gillespie, and Angel Estrella, the latter three of whom are novices and in their tournament debut.

The team came home with the 1st Place Trophy for the tournament Sweepstakes and 14 individual medals.

They also qualified nine students for State Championships this May. Olivia Ramos (two events), Kylee Smith, Arden Ingram, Halle Robinson, Jana Garcia, Lizette Moreno, Allison Haslehorst, Alicia Santos Mercado (two events), and Gage Banks.

"This is great news but may present a challenge to the talented team, later on, as the team is only allowed a total of 16 events at State Championships and they’ve already qualified nine of them in their very first tournament of the season," head coach Johnny Dunlap said.

"Assistant coach John Alfrey, will have a tough time deciding who goes and who does not if these talented students keep up this pace. "That’s a problem we’ll have to tackle when it comes up.

"Right now, we’re just focused on improving and getting ready for our next tournament in Lawrence on Feb. 2."