When an emergency cesarean section is necessary, every second is important.

On Friday, Feb. 1, Family Birth Center at Western Plains held a ribbon cutting for its upcoming cesarean section wing at Western Plains Medical Complex.

"When we are dealing with an emergency unplanned c-section, we have to move very quickly from the delivery room to the operating room," said Ranae Riley RN, Family Birth Center Director, "in those situations, every second counts."

WPMC CEO Scott Smith added, "In an emergency, a faster approach is better.

"It’s extremely important to have this facility to help with these high risk surgeries.

"The new operating room will cut our time in half, and time can be a lifesaver."

According to WPMC, about 25 percent of all babies delivered at Western Plains enter the world via cesarean section take place annually while some of those surgeries are planned and the others are emergency procedures.

The new operating room will be constructed inside the labor and delivery unit.

"The floor process is finishing and then it will be terminally cleaned," WPMC marketing director Danielle Stroud said. "We couldn’t bring people into it after it’s terminally cleaned so we did the ribbon cutting before everything is sterile.

"It will be open very soon."

C-section deliveries were performed by surgeons near the emergency room on the main level of the hospital, now with the new suite, after the birth, the mother and the baby will be able to experience immediate benefits.

"This will allow mother and baby to stay together, mom can provide that familiar face, the welcoming voice and the soothing touch," Riley said, "the new c-section suite is a ‘win-win’ for everybody."

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