Scam season continues in Ford County as Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr as provided information stating that two more scams have been circulated in Ford County.

The two latest scams is that a male individual is calling himself "Deputy Brooks" with the Ford County Sheriff's Office and is telling citizens that they missed a "DNA swab" meeting and they now have a warrant for their arrest.

The caller then instructs the person to pay off the warrant with a Google Play card.

The number or origin for the scam is 620-801-3184.

"We do not employ anyone by the name of Deputy Brooks at the Ford County Sheriff's Office," Carr said in a press release. "This is a scam. If you receive any of these calls please report them immediately to your local law enforcement agency."

The second latest scam is one about being from the Publisher's Clearing House.

Carr said that residents have been contacted from individuals claiming to be from the Publisher's Clearing House.

"The scammers are advising citizens they have won a substantial giveaway prize and for you to collect on the winnings you will need to go get a money order and send it to them so they can process your winnings," Carr said. "This is a scam do not fall for this.

"If you have won something, why would you need to pay for what you have won?

"Paying to collect a prize is a scam. Every time. The scammers are likely to ask potential victims to send money by Western Union or MoneyGram, or by getting a prepaid card or gift card.

"That's because it's nearly impossible to trace that money, and those who are taken in almost never get your money back."

Carr gave an example of one of the attempted transactions that said, 'You have won yourself a blue and white certified check that is excess of $1,000,000 along with a brand new 2019 Chevrolet pickup truck.'

"Alright? Please contact your local law enforcement agency to report these scams.

"We will continue to try and educate the public."

The latest scams now join two previous attempts that first started with individuals claiming to be IRS agents then a scam followed that they were telling residents they had outstanding warrants that needed to be paid.

For any questions, comments or concerns regarding these situations, contact the Ford County Sheriff's Office at 620-227-4590.

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