In October 2018, Kevin Gwaltney of Diamond Roofing was named President of the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. The annual convention was held in Omaha, Nebraska, and Gwaltney was passed the gavel from former president Greg Sprague of Sprague Roofing of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The convention had one of the best attendances with over 1,200 attendees gathering at the event.

As the owner of Diamond Roofing, with locations in Dodge City and Manhattan, Gwaltney is a veteran of over 20 appearances at the convention and is starting his 13th year on the MRCA Board of Directors.

The MRCA has long been regarded as the contractors advocate and Gwaltney plans to continue this tradition. The association and its convention are great resources for members of the roofing industry.

Industry professionals can attend continuing education classes as well as hands on demonstrations of new materials, applications and tools on the trade show floor.

"We are an association of contractors and associates who are willing to support, educate, and mentor roofing professionals. These relationships provide a return on investment of membership dues and I encourage all MRCA contractors and associates to take full advantage of the benefits of memberships," Gwaltney said after his election. "He would like to be considered a resource when members run across industry challenge and that he, along with the MRCA Directors and staff, feels privileged to help solve problems and create opportunities for members."

During his presidency of the association, Gwaltney hopes to share the organizations sense of pride in its members’ work, he believes this has been passed from one generation to the next and a feeling that keeps MRCA united.

Celebrating this pride and recognizing companies for their accomplishments, all while helping them to reach their next goal or over their next hurdle is the whole purpose of membership, according to Gwaltney.

Gwaltney, whose term will end at the November 20-22, 2019, convention in Overland Park, said, "I am honored and humbled to serve this organization as president.

"I thank the past leaders of this organization for the firm foundation I find myself on. I pledge to the membership to lead based on the core values of MRCA.

"We will remain the contractors advocate and provide exceptional benefits that are relevant to developing successful roofing companies, while remaining a fiscally responsible organization."