Five Dodge City Community College building trades students have been awarded a scholarship of $4,000 from the Community Housing Association of Dodge City scholarship committee.

The students are freshman Jose Marino, Ismael Ochoa, and Servando Martinez and sophomores Blake Rast and Aaron Chavez.

"This is the second time the Community Housing Association of Dodge City has given out scholarships," special projects housing coordinator Mollea Wainscott said. "The first time was in spring of 2015."

The scholarships were awarded at a ceremony at 510 E. Brier Street in Dodge City on Thursday, the site of the new housing project CHAD and DCCC have partnered on for a new home.

"The construction began in October 2018 and they will finish in May 2019," Wainscott said. "We are building a duplex, each unit will contain three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a one car garage."

Moderate Income Housing grant is funding the new duplex which comes from the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation.

"This has been a great experience," Martinez said. "We get to work with new people everyday."

Rast added, "We get to learn something new everyday in this program."

Regarding receiving the scholarship, Chavez said, "Honestly this is a great thing to get. Thank you everyone so much."

The CHAD and DCCC partnership has created affordable housing and training for the future workforce for many years.

The City of Dodge City donated the vacant lots, Dana Williamson donated the house plans and M.R. Builder donated the foundation plans.

Pride Ag donated the house and licensed contractors have provided discounted services. CHAD is a 501 (c)(3) organization, donated items may be tax deductible.

The last housing project with CHAD and DCCC was located at 1521 Mulberry Circle and was completed and put on the market in 2018.

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