Pratt Regional Medical Center has again partnered with the 3i SHOW to provide convenient, free health testing services as part of their commitment to the residents and patients in southwest Kansas that attend this year’s 3i SHOW.

Attendees are invited to visit PRMC in the Health Area located inside the Western State Bank Expo Center during the 65th Annual 3i SHOW March 21-23.

PRMC will be providing cholesterol and glucose screenings that only require a finger prick. Also, attendees can have blood pressure checks, as well as oxygen saturation levels all three days of the 3i SHOW, as a free service at their booth.

Jacque Kemmerer, DNP, will be again be performing skin cancer checks, which was very popular during the 2017 3i SHOW. Ritchey Simon, DNP, will provide foot and ankle exams.

Pratt Regional Medical Center recently announced the addition of a NAVIO orthopedic surgical system to help surgeons perform precise and accurate knee replacement.

NAVIO robotics assists the surgeon in preparing the bone with the precision of robotics in a freehand sculpting technique. The new robotic technology will provide the patient less pain and swelling post-operatively than traditional total joint replacement methods.

Pratt Regional Medical Center is continuing to expand into southwest Kansas.

In addition to their Pratt and Dodge City locations; clinics are available in Liberal, Elkhart, Kinsley, and Meade. In 2018, PRMC purchased additional suites on Frontview in Dodge City, so that both of their clinics are in the same building.

Dr. Alexander Neel, Dr. Ian Kovach and Dr. Scott Gordon, as well as Denise Conant, APRN serve orthopedic patients at South Central Kansas Bone and Joint Center.

Since 2014, PRMC Clinic Services in Dodge City has provided care for patients in the Dodge City area with Jacque Kemmerer, DNP, Dr. Luis Espinoza, Surgical Gynecologist, and David Sherraden, PA.

Sherraden provides Primary Care services in addition to surgical workups in coordination with Dr. Jason Wiltshire, General Surgeon. Facials, massages, age correction products and other services are also offered. Both clinics are located at 1206 Frontview, Suites 202, 203 and 204 in Dodge City.

Cholesterol and blood glucose tests are available at the PRMC booth for patients 18 and over. Test results are not for diagnostic or treatment purposes and are not conclusive as to the absence or presence of any health condition.

Recipients are encouraged to share test results with their primary care physician. A more detailed schedule will be available on the 3i SHOW Facebook page as well as the Events Page of their website at as health programs are confirmed.

For more information about Pratt Regional Medical Center and the services they provide, visit or find them on Facebook.

For information about the 3i SHOW, visit, or contact the WKMA office directly toll-free at 877-405-2883 or locally at 620-227-8082.

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