The history of this county fire department started decades later than its city counterpart.

In 1959, the Ford County Commission established a fire district which covered 144 square miles around Dodge City. At the same time they contracted the Dodge City Fire Department, which had been established in 1887, to provide fire protection to this district starting on July 1, 1960.

In 1963, the Ford County Commission formed the Ford County Civil Defense Department. Roland May was its first director, but resigned effective July 1, 1965. His replacement, John Nail, took over a couple weeks early due to the wall of water in the Arkansas River heading towards Dodge City. The resulting flood was the first major disaster the Department had to face.

The Civil Defense Department had volunteer stations in Ford, Kingsdown, Bucklin and Spearville by May 1966. Most of the Department's 10 trucks were converted Army surplus vehicles. This conversion was accomplished by volunteers and donated parts.

In April 1970, the Commissioners formed an additional Fire District to cover the remainder of Ford County with the exceptions of Bucklin and Spearville. In 1971, they combined the two Districts and terminated its contract with the City of Dodge City.

In 1974, the Commission cancelled the ambulance service agreement with the City and provided ambulance services for the entire County.

By 1998, Civil Defense became Emergency Preparedness and separated from the Ford County Fire Department and EMT.

In 2004, the Kansas Fire Marshals selected the Ford County Fire Department as one of the State's Hazardous Materials Response teams.

The first Ford County Department's station sat at Water and Woodland from 1967 to 1969. For a time it was at 113 North Second Avenue, then it moved to Water and Forrest.

Its home for over 30 years was 91 North First Street from 1971 until they moved to their current location at 10996 113 Road in 2002. At this time Emergency Preparedness merged back the Fire Department.

Today the department has two rescue trucks, six stations, seven ambulances and 20 fire trucks.

The Department is operated by 25 full-time and nearly 50 part-time employees.