The 2018-2019 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge series will take place  on Tuesday, March 5 at the Dodge City Community College Little Theater.

The annual competition is held in association with the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation and Network Kansas E-Community Partnership.

The competition will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"Twenty-two students from Ford County will present their business ideas for a chance to win cash prizes on March 5," said Mollea Wainscott, special projects coordinator for the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation. "In addition to competing, the students will hear from several local entrepreneurs about their experiences with starting businesses.

"We hope to spark interest and help students realize that entrepreneurship may be a valid career option for them."

Across Kansas, numerous communities host local events with the goal of giving their students a hands-on experience with entrepreneurship.

Students will prepare a written business plan or an executive summary, and a four-minute formal presentation as part of the competition, with a chance to win over $3,000.

Local entrepreneurs, public sector partners, teachers and others will make up the judges.

This year marks the third in a row that Ford County has held the event in the community.

"Students tell us every year how local entrepreneurship competitions open their eyes to new career possibilities, reward innovation and creative problem solving, and give them valuable experience presenting ideas to a panel of judges," said Anne Dewvall, manager of the E-Community Partnership. "It’s a wonderful gift that the community can give their youth."

The 2018-2019 academic year iss the sixth annual YEC series coordinated by NetWork Kansas and the E-Community Partnership. It saw 709 students from 35 communities during the 2017-2018 season, that hosted 31 local entrepreneurship competitions.

The top students from each local competition face off against each other for prize money and other honors at the annual YEC series statewide championship.

Kansas State University will host the 2019 state championship on April 30.

Contact Wainscott, Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation at 620-255-2682 or for more information.

Visit for more information about NetWork Kansas or the E-Community Partnership.

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