Dodge City commissioners passed an ordinance on Monday that will change the licensing laws for the sale of cereal malt beverages in the city.

According to city officials, in 2017 the Kansas Legislature amended cereal malt beverage laws to allow retailers with a CMB license to also sell beer containing not more than six percent alcohol by volume.

"Starting on April 1," city clerk Nannette Pogue said, "the city will be allowed to sell CMB licenses to businesses to sell six percent alcohol by volume."

Businesses will still have to apply for a CMB license through the city and will still have to follow the regulations and requirements to qualify for a CMB license.

According to city officials, the governing body shall permanently revoke or cause to suspend a license for a period of not more than 30 days, according to the proposed ordinance, which came from a sample that was drafted by the League of Kansas Municipalities.

City commissioners also approved a development agreement with Rib Crib restaurant that will be located east of Trail Street Laundry on Trail Street.

In December 2017, the city of Dodge City reached an agreement with Rib Crib restaurant for the property as part of the Star Bond Heritage District.

Since the 2017 agreement, Boyd Development was made part of the project for the second facility that would go in adjacent to the Rib Crib restaurant.

Therefore, according to city officials, the agreement had to be a three-way agreement between Dodge City Rib Crib LLC (Rib Crib), RCP Development LLC (Boyd Development) and the city.

"At this time it is not known what the second business will be along with Rib Crib," Dodge City manager Cherise Tieben said. "As part of the development agreement, the entities have two years to develop the second facility otherwise it will be returned back to the city."

Another part of the development agreement states that Rib Crib is to have continuous operation of the restaurant for 10 years.

The development is eligible for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program incentive and the lots of the property will be sold for $20,000.

If everything proceeds as anticipated, the sales tax will assist with the Heritage District STAR Bond repayment, which would pay the bonds off early.

The two agenda items were approved unanimously by the city commission with a 5-0 vote.

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