I would like to respond to the article in the Feb. 26, 2019, Dodge City Daily Globe.

I read Dan Reichenborn's letter to the editor with great interest. it seems that people in politics and who sit on boards tend to forget the value of a dollar. A program such as the helicopter training program moves out of the area that the tax money is coming from, makes no sense.

When you waste money with no students but continue paying for wages that is just crazy.

Maybe there is something I'm missing which is entirely possible. i think it is ironic how the contract was ended a few short weeks after the editorial. It may not have been the correct way to handle this, but it did get results. And it sounds like Mr. Reichenborn tried numerous times to get answers.

I would like to see a program such as this in Dodge City, KS. Yet if there are issues I'm not aware of then I'd say it shouldn't be offered.

Our tax dollars should be used here and not thousands of miles away. A community college should serve their community needs and development.

Tammy and Rick Konecny