Along with warmer weather comes, as the saying goes… the good, the bad and the ugly. The good would be the beautiful colors of the spring flowers and the greening up of the grass.

The bad is the upcoming yard work ahead and the ugly is the crabgrass that will begin germinating around May 1. Now is the time to think about crabgrass control for your yard.

In southwest Kansas, a good target date for applying crabgrass preventer would be April 15 (taxes and crabgrass-what a combination).

This gives the active ingredients time to disperse in the soil before the crabgrass germinates.

Another indicator to rely on is the redbud trees, when they are approaching full-bloom; it is time to apply your preventer to your lawn.

There are lots of products available to homeowners; most will need a repeat application about eight weeks after the initial application to provide season long control.

Products like Dimension and Barricade only require one application for season long control. As with any product, be sure to read and follow the label directions.

Crabgrass if very difficult to control one it has emerged, but any product containing quinclorac (Ortho Wee-B-Gon Max+ Crabgrass Control and Bayer All-in-One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer) are usually effective.

If you need more information about lawn weed control, check out the Horticulture page on the Ford County K-State Research and Extension website at or e-mail me at

Happy Spring!