It has been some time since Salsa Man has been whole on 3rd Avenue in Dodge City.

The Salsa Man statue was created by late Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, who was born in Dodge City and made the statue after seeing similar ones in California based on multiple muffler men variations.

Salsa Man is owned by the Dodge City Area Arts Council. A similar statue called Mobil Man has been set up in Haskell County.

In August 2018, the top portion of Salsa Man was taken down for repairs.

In the time since then, some changes were needed to his appearance.

"The Dodge City Arts Council made the decision to put him up sans his sombrero, tray and serape because those items do not do well in the harsh Kansas weather conditions," said Dodge City special projects coordinator Melissa McCoy. "The board is considering how they will display these other items."

Repairs to Salsa Man included repainting and repairing the upper torso, rebuilding and repainting the hat and tray, and repairing and repainting the serape.

Dodge City Parks and Facilities staff, along with Victory Electric, replaced the top portion of Salsa Man on Monday.

The repairs were made possible with funding from the Tourism Task Force and a fundraiser held by Dodge City Brewing.


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