It is a comedy that will make you laugh and cry while witnessing two angels earn their wings.

Such is the latest Depot Theater production of "Education of Angels" directed by John Stuff that will curtain at 7:30 tonight with doors opening at 5:30 p.m.

The show will continue Friday and Saturday at the same times with a Sunday matinee starting at 2 p.m. with doors opening at noon.

The production will conclude with a weekend run May 2-5.

According to Stuff, it was a show that he knew he needed to schedule once he read it.

"I have often said if a script makes me laugh out loud on the initial reading, it’s a good script," Stuff said. "When a script makes me laugh and cry, it’s a home run.

"This script did both so I just needed to figure out where to place it in the season. There is so much laughter and comedy throughout the show with wonderful characters and our actors bring them to life in an outstanding performance.

"And then the touching, sweet ending of the show makes even our toughest guys sniffle and wipe a tear away."

"Education of Angels" is the story of two angels, who have been sent back to earth to complete a final test in order to earn their wings.

The man and woman angels find themselves in a pastor’s study on the day of a wedding, with a groom who is there several hours before the wedding.

"The biggest question to start with is whether they are there to talk him into the wedding or talk him out of it," Stuff said. "And the fact that he can only see one of them just adds to the hilarity. He, of course, thinks she is crazy since she constantly talks to someone who isn’t there, and she claims to be an angel, in spite of the fact she is not dressed in a white robe and sandals.

"Throw in an impatient best man, an ex-wife who has remarried but does not believe her ex-husband should, and the situations and conversations are nothing less than hysterical."

The nine-person cast consists of Jon Lane and Alissa Sandvik playing the angels.

"Education of Angels" will mark the debut of Sandvik to the Depot Theater stage while Lane will debut as the new tech director who has performed for the Depot over several productions in the past.

Playing the angelic cab driver that transports the angels to earth will be played by Dale Kesterson-Hingle while Kyle Hager will play the nervous groom; Amber Fuller playing his ex-wife; Miguel Coca playing the pastor; Brandi Young playing an elderly woman in the park; Bryan Stammer playing the best man and Charlie Stammer playing a little girl, who will also be making her Depot Theater stage debut.

Tickets for the show cost $55, which includes a dinner or $40 for the show only.

Stuff added that the Depot Theater will be continuing its Seed Money Campaign, where it will be raising funds to install several additional pipes and rigging for its fly system.

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