Nine of the 17 Story Walk displays located along Spears Park were vandalized recently.

According to the Dodge City Public Library, six of the display covers were also taken out of their frames.

"We are currently looking into what options might be available toward repairing the displays, but maintaining and repairing them are two different things," said DCPL Youth and Family Services Coordinator Brooke Zarco. "I don’t think anyone anticipated this amount of damage.

"Our goal is to determine what options are available and try to repair or replace the displays in time for summer so that people can enjoy them. Coming up with a process to keep a closer eye on them will be needed, as well."

Established on Sept. 30, 2017, the Story Walk was a collaborative effort of the Interagency Coordinating Council, Friends of Kansas Libraries and DCPL, thanks to a Kellogg Grant.

Installation was made by DCPL and the Dodge City Parks and Recreation Department.

To share thoughts or suggestions on how to keep the Story Walk displays safer, contact Zarco at 620-225-0248 ext. 207 or by email at

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