United Way Leaders will host the Learn at Lunch set for noon Wednesday, May 22, at The Learning Center, 308 W. Frontview Street.

The session will feature speakers Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr and Ford County Attorney Kevin Salzman, who will discuss scams, spoofs and schemes.

"The lunch is aimed at describing the types of scams that are being carried out locally and nationally and what people can do to protect their identities and their money from being taken over by criminals," Salzman said.

To attend the lunch, RSVP to uwayofdc@att.net or call 620-227-8793.

Over the past few years, scams have been increasing in frequency, according to Carr.

"We receive calls from the public all the time," Carr said. "It seems once a scam goes away, a new one pops up."

The lunch will be a way to educate the public on what to watch out for when it comes to possible scams.

"They tend to be seasonal," Carr said. "At the first of the year, a lot of them are IRS or tax related, or when we have inclement weather, roofing companies and hail damage scams increase."

A constant scam no matter the season, Carr said, is one based on Publisher's Clearing House.

"The Publisher's Clearing House scam will have the scammer request money from the person in order for them to receive a high-dollar check," he said. "No contest winner should have to pay in order to receive their winnings, so that is something we will be talking about at the lunch.

"They never seem to end."

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