Fresh off his lunch and learn community engagement, where scams were the main source of discussion, Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr has sent notice of a new jury duty scam.

In a news release from Carr, citizens have reported that an individual claiming to be a lieutenant or investigator named Mark Miller of the Ford County Sheriff's Department Civil Division — calling from 620-371-4587 — tells the citizen they have missed a June jury duty date and must pay a fine by court date of May 31 with Judge Banks.

"This is a scam," Carr said. "We do not have any employee by the name of lieutenant or investigator Miller at the sheriff's office, nor do we have a Judge Banks in the 16th Judicial District.

"If anyone calls you claiming to need any form of payment via cash card, bank account or credit card information, you are encouraged to hang up and notify your local law enforcement agency."

In recent times, scams are being perpetrated by very sophisticated criminal organizations and are nearly impossible to track.

"Once your money is gone, there is little to no chance that any prosecution will take place or that you will recover any of your stolen money," Carr said. "Most of these scams originate in India, Africa and assorted Asian countries, but there have been some originating from the United States."

For more information regarding the scams, contact the Ford County Sheriff's Office at 620-227-4501.


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