What do you do when the lawn can't be cut because of constant rain? The answer is read, take a nap, do a puzzle, sharpen your mower blades or…sit back and watch the grass grow! You will be able to mow it eventually.

The best thing to do if your lawn is getting away from you is to set your mower as high as possible and bring it down in steps. It is always best never to take more than one third of the grass blade off at one time.

If more is taken, the plant reacts by using stored energy reserves to quickly send up new growth. This reduces the amount of energy available for the plant to deal with stress or damage done by insects or disease. However, sometimes it is just not possible to keep the "one-third rule."

In such cases, cut as high as possible even though it may mean you are cutting off more than one third of the blade. Bring the height down gradually by cutting more often and at progressively lower heights until you reach the target height.

Sharp mower blades are always important, but especially so when the lawn is taller and thicker as it will be after all these rains. Be sure to keep you blades sharpened.

For more information on turf care and proper mowing heights, visit us at www.ford.ksu.edu. Have a great weekend and try to keep dry!