Dear Friends and Neighbors,

You have until noon June 3 to sign up to run for one of the three open Trustee positions at Dodge City Community College.

Why should you run? Let me catch you up.

Ford County taxpayers are spending nearly $500,000 each year on a failed helicopter program in Arizona. That drain on taxpayer dollars is slated to continue and grow. DCCC insurance has paid an Arizona attorney ANOTHER $500,000 to represent us in a lawsuit in which the V.A. says we owe them $30 million.

There was recently a 5-2 vote by the DCCC Trustees to keep the program. There are no Ford County or Kansas students in the program. In fact, there are NO STUDENTS IN THE PROGRAM and hasn't been for the last 18 months.

In that time, DCCC has spent more than $600,000 in Arizona.

YOUR tax dollars! The amount of money that is being wasted on this failed helicopter program could have been spent to add classroom space, replace cracking sidewalks, repair aging buildings, lower student fees, or lower the tax burden for Ford County residents. DCCC Trustees just eliminated the automotive program. 5-2 vote. DCCC Trustees just eliminated the lineman program. 5-2 vote. The prospects for YOUR college are immense! If we can't change the attitudes, minds, and votes of people sitting in elected seats then it is time to change who is occupying those seats. Consider running. Get registered and VOTE!

Sincerely, Dan Reichenborn, DCCC Trustee