The Dodge City Police Department was awarded its sixth overall AAA Kansas Traffic Safety Award Platinum for 2018 recently.

According to AAA public and government affairs manager Shawn Steward, the award marks the fourth year in a row the DCPD was honored.

"Troy Wells, (LEL representing Kansas Department of Transportation) identifies and recommends outstanding police departments in Kansas for the award and encourages their application for it," Steward said. "Impressively, the Dodge City Police Department is receiving its fourth consecutive platinum award, the highest award AAA can bestow upon a law enforcement agency.

"They are one of 21 police departments in Kansas to qualify for a AAA Platinum Award."

AAA gives the awards based upon police departments who demonstrate outstanding effort at addressing local traffic safety issues.

The news release from AAA went on to say DCPD was recognized for their participation in the successful SAFE program at Dodge City High School, providing education and information to the students on DUI, texting and seat belts.

Other programs DCPD were recognized for were enforcing a seat belt policy requiring all department employees and passengers of department vehicles wear a seat belt; strong enforcement efforts for seatbelt, DUI, speeding (especially in school zones) and directed enforcement in areas with high crash incidence; DCPD involvement with IDS School at New Chance, a DUI Victims Panel, MADD Advisory Board, their Gang Resistance Education and Training program and child passenger seat fitting and education; having automated external heart defibrillators, or AEDs, in patrol cars for Emergency Medical Response and incorporating a Project Speed sign indicator as a reminder around schools to keep children safe from excessive speed in engineering.

"I’d like to thank the city government leaders, for their support of the police department’s work," Steward said. "They are a shining example to all of western and southwestern Kansas law enforcement."

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