Scams hitting the area continue as Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr has issued another scam warning, this time regarding a Social Security phone scam.

"We continue receiving messages from citizens stating they have received phone calls from the Social Security Administration," Carr said. "The person says, 'A lawsuit against your name the local County Sheriff are going to arrest you for serious allegations before this matter goes to the courthouse and your bank account and suspend your Social Security number and get you arrested.'"

The caller says that for more information regarding the case the person can call 830-431-9609 and that they should make sure they call back before they get arrested.

"I personally called the phone number provided and spoke with a female with a foreign accent," Carr said. "I asked why my Social Security number was being suspended. She asked for my number.

"I informed her I was the Sheriff and asked for her Social Security number and told her I believed this was a scam at which time she said 'You really believe so, you will be arrested.'

"Before I could say anything else she hung up.

"I called back and a male with a foreign accent answered and I asked for his Social Security number and he immediately hung up."

Carr urges all residents to not provide any information and most importantly to not send any money to them.

"Do not call them back or even entertain a conversation," Carr said.


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