At a joint meeting of Dodge City Commissioners, Ford County commissioners, Dodge City USD 443 Board of Education members and Dodge City Community College board of trustees, the entities approved an interlocal agreement of a neighborhood revitalization plan.

According to Dodge City/Ford County Economic Development director Joann Knight, what the neighborhood revitalization program does is if someone at a commercial industry spends at least $15,000 and increases the value by 5 percent, they can get a prorated property tax rebate on the new increment.

"The only difference is," Knight said, "is the downtown historic district is 100 percent for 10 years. Every other district is the prorated scenario."

The value of the property will not change, according to Knight.

Of the districts, there are the historic district, heritage district, south commercial area and north commercial area.

Called the Frontview district, the location is from the curve at Avenue A to Mellencamp Avenue.

Once the new district is approved for development from the Kansas Secretary of State's Office, the neighborhood revitalization tool will be used for the community to infill blighted areas.

"One of the positives we feel for this district is we have the construction on 14th Avenue and the mall location on Central Avenue," Knight said, "so it will encourage people to develop on that to connect the two areas to fill them out rather than targeting another area."

The neighborhood revitalization project plan was approved unanimously by all four tax entities.


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