Dan Deming's “Lawsuit Independence Day” (Hutch News, July 3) proves the truism “If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”

Deming spins a scenario where educators are fat cats who've taken unfair advantage of Kansas taxpayers by challenging the constitutionality of Republicans' miserly view of what Kansas' Constitution means by “suitable” funding for public schools.

Deming claims victimhood for “being forced to put even more money into schools.” He blames educators for causing “many other state-funded programs...to suffer.”

Deming omits the fact that Republicans' failed fiscal policy caused those state-funded programs to be short-changed, not educators. He omits the fact that the “gravy train” Republicans gifted business owners caused the revenue shortfall responsible for underfunding public schools and other state-funded programs in the first place.

Deming suggests a Trumpian way forward to “reign in the Supreme Court...since they took final authority out of elected officials' hands.” This begs the question: since when?

Our nation's Constitution empowers the courts with authority to review legislation, executive orders, and other forms of state action for their conformity with constitutional provisions. Judicial review protects the people from elected officials who too often bend to special interests and specious arguments like Deming's.

In 2018, Kansans had their say by voting for moderation and rejecting the “well-worded amendment” Deming envisions.

Janean Lanier