Boot Hill Distillery continues to push itself forward.

Distilling spirits using grains grown from the owner's own farms, the distillery has kept a local flavor in Dodge City since 2016.

Now the distillery has announced the launch of its first bourbon whiskey.

"Boot Hill now adds its first bourbon to the main portfolio," distillery director of sales Lee Griffith said in a news release. "This expression has been aging in new 53-gallon American White Oak barrels since January of 2017.

"In a little over two years, Kansas’ hot, dry, windy climate and wild temperature swings have been particularly beneficial to the aging process.

"Boot Hill’s Bourbon mash bill consists of 51 percent corn and 49 percent hard red winter wheat. This high-wheat whiskey gives a certain softness and sweetness to the finish of the bourbon.

"It is bottled at 90 proof or 45 percent alcohol by volume."

From the moment seeds are planted to bottles being filled up to that first drink, Boot Hill Distillery maintains complete control over the entire distilling process, making it one of the most unique attractions to not only Dodge City but also southwest Kansas.

The bourbon whiskey joins the distillery lineup of a vodka, gin and two younger whiskies that have gone to market in the three years since Boot Hill Distillery began.

The spirits have reached eight states in the U.S., earning the distillery several national awards.

Boot Hill Distillery also recently launched an experimental series in the Tasting Room that includes a small batch bourbon, a wheat whiskey, and a barrel-aged gin.

"By definition, to label a spirit bourbon whiskey, it must maintain several federal regulations," Griffith said. "Bourbon can only be distilled in the United States, new-make whiskey must be filled into new charred American White Oak barrels.

"The mash bill must be comprised of 51 percent corn and distilled at 160 proof or less.

"The bourbon label will proudly stand out on liquor store shelves, as it elicits images of the old west, including a silhouette of cowboys driving steers and the image of a statue of Wyatt Earp, Dodge City’s most famous lawman, both historical landmarks in Dodge City."

The release of the bourbon whiskey will be held at noon Wednesday, July 24, in the Tasting Room of the distillery located at 501 W. Spruce St.

According to Griffith, the bourbon whiskey will be made widely available in the fall of this year.

For more information, visit or follow Boot Hill Distillery’s social media pages.

For distribution or other inquiries, email or call 620-371-6309.


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