Now it's Bat Masterson's turn.

The Ford County Historical Society recently received a grant for $11,781.25 from ITC Holdings Corp., the nation’s largest independent electric transmission company, for an up-and-coming project to erect the first statue of Masterson.

Once complete, the statue will be placed on the Mueller-Schmidt House — Home of Stone property.

"Masterson is an iconic western lawman who served Dodge City several times during its historic western frontier days," the historical society said in a news release. "According to our research, no statue of Masterson currently exists in the U.S., and we are grateful for ITC’s support to help make this project a reality."

The bronze statue is being created by Charlie and Carson Norton, of Norton Enterprises, known for the Buffalo Bill statue in Oakley.

"ITC is pleased to support this exciting installation of Bat Masterson and hope the citizens of Dodge City and its visitors will enjoy it for many years to come," said Donna Zalewski, ITC Holdings Corp. director of local government, community affairs and philanthropy.

According to the historical society, the statue will feature Masterson’s famous cane and bowler hat. The cane served a purpose, as he had been shot with a wound affecting his mobility.

"We believe our yesterdays define our todays and tomorrow differently when we understand the path that led us here as a country, as a community, as a family, and as an individual," the historical society said.

Along with the Masterson statue, historical society projects include the curation and operation of the Home of Stone, and restoration of portions of Fort Dodge, the Coronado Cross and the Legacy Center.

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