The first event for Dodge City Days ended on Tuesday when the Dodge City Days Medallion was located in the afternoon.

The medallion was found on the north side of Comanche Street just north of the Ford County Jail in the north ditch.

The Soto family of Jason, Shana and Lillian located its hiding place.

"I grew up in Dodge City and have looked every year but never found it before," Jason Soto said.

Shana Soto added, "I have looked the past six years and we only started searching for the medallion this past Friday."

According to Dodge City Daily Globe circulation manager Ed O'Neal, the medallion clues and their meanings are as follows:

Clue One — Again try and remember the past.

Meaning — This means an old location of where the medallion had previously been hidden.

Clue Two — Olive green and black.

Meaning — The medallion was in an olive green and black pouch.

Clue Three — The sunrise will cast shadows.

Meaning — To the east, shadows cast by trees are north of the medallion hiding spot.

Clue Four — Not going to find it just looking in a straight line.

Meaning — Comanche Street jogs to the right at the 113 Road intersection.

Clue Five — Around an old hiding spot with a new location.

Meaning — North of the jail between the Ford County shop and the jail is the hiding spot. The jail has moved to a new location.

This is the second time in two years the medallion was on Comanche Street. The previous year it was on the west end of Comanche Street.

Clue Six  — If you are driving north turn right, if you are driving south turn left.

Meaning — Driving north and turning right you will be going east and driving south and you turn left, you're going east.

Clue Seven — Important part of the past and present.

Meaning — Lawmen.

Clue Eight — Some construction ongoing not far.

Meaning — Dodge City Airport runway reconstruction.

Clue Nine — I hear a train a comin', 'It's rollin round the bend.'

Meaning — Lyrics from Johnny Cash song, Folsom Prison Blues, hinting at the Ford County Jail.

Clue Ten — The one way signs are a little confusing at first glance.

Meaning — Two signs off Comanche Street are close together pointing in opposite directions.

Clue Eleven — In sight of a dome.

Meaning — The radar dome at the Dodge City Airport.

Dodge City Lapel Pin extra clue — Help.

Meaning — Since the medallion was near the Ford County Jail and Ford County Fire and EMS, those are places you would call for help.

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