Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr has been appointed by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt to serve on the Kansas Criminal Justice Reform Commission.

Carr joins Marysville Police Chief Todd Ackerman on the commission.

Carr was elected Ford County sheriff in 2015 after the retirement of then Ford County Sheriff Dean Bush completed his term of office.

Starting in 1990, Carr began with the Ford County Sheriff's Office, serving in multiple departments, as well as being the chief of police in Bucklin from 2006-2015.

"Being in law enforcement all these years and being given to the opportunity to sit in on something of this magnitude is a real honor," Carr said. "I will be giving my input and guidance on revising some laws."

According to the Kansas Attorney General's Office, Ackerman was named police chief in 1999 after serving in the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for five years and served as president of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police and president of the FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

Created in May 2019, the Kansas Criminal Justice Reform Commission was made possible with the passage of House Bill 2290.

The attorney general appoints one sheriff and one chief of police to the commission, which will conduct a review of Kansas criminal justice laws and practices including the sentencing grid, diversion programs, specialty courts, health care and substance abuse facilities and data management systems under the statute.

The commission will produce a final report on findings to the Kansas Legislature by Dec. 1, 2020.

According to Carr, the first commission meeting will be held Wednesday, Aug. 28, in Topeka.

As a non-voting member, Schmidt will also serve on the commission in accordance with the statute.


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