In a news release from Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr, a letter has been received in the mail calling for recipients to sign up for a program called Nextdoor.

Carr in the release raised concerns with the letter stating, it does not provide a name of the sender; does not provide a return address; does not provide a phone number/email to contact the sender; states it’s 100% free and private; not sure it is "private" to whoever is on the receiving end once you sign up; the letter was sent to an entire neighborhood without name, just addresses; it was mailed from Buffalo, Wyoming and there is not a company letterhead.

"This may or may not be a legitimate website, so please use caution if you choose to sign up," Carr said. "Please keep in mind that scammers may be using this platform as well."

An online search for Nextdoor was found to be a social media platform for neighbors to communicate with one another, however, the base of operations for the site is through San Francisco, California, not the Buffalo, Wyoming, as the letters sent out stated.

"This is why we wanted to alert the public to this information," Carr said.

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