The Dodge City Police Department is investigating an unusual escapee.

According to Dodge City public information specialist Abbey Martin, the DCPD along with the staff of Wright Park Zoo and Dodge City Parks, are investigating the escape and eventual finding of a monkey from Wright Park Zoo that was found in the city limits of Dodge City.

"After a quick inspection of the Capuchin Monkey exhibit, it was determined that the animal called in was Pickett from the Wright Park Zoo troop," Martin said in a news release. "Animal Control was able to catch Pickett and return him to zoo staff.

"The monkey has been looked over by veterinary staff and was given a clean bill of health to return to its enclosure."

It is unknown how the animal came to be outside its enclosure at this time, but another animal was found with minor injuries inside the enclosure as well.

That animal is currently under veterinary care.

"Additional security measures are being installed to further ensure the safety of our animals within the zoo," Martin said.

If anyone has information related to this incident, contact the Dodge City Police Department at 620 225-8126 or to submit an anonymous tip, text DCPD and the tip to 847411.

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