On Saturday, Aug. 24, Carnegie Center for the Arts held its Carnegie Carnival fundraiser with success, according to Carnegie director Bobbi Brown.

"Those attending the carnival at Carnegie Art Center had a great time," Brown said. "Children were able to choose from various games to play, activities to do, a food and bake sale and picture boards for taking pictures.

"I would like to thank those in attendance who came out to have fun and donate to our event.

"We'll do it again."

Brown added the carnival was made possible by the contributions of the following: Jeff Thorpe with Mariah Fund; Jan Stevens with Tourism Coalition; Mike Casey of Casey's Cowtown; Walmart; Phil Hansaker with Dodge City Public Library; Gabe Burrows with Dodge City Community College; Elaine Hernandez; Lindy Duree; Debby Eddy; Jesse Graham; Maddie Story; Andrea Hanson; Nicki Beltz with RSVP; Marlene Schoengart; Brenda Cornitius; Dr. Tim Cornitius; Zoe Johnson and Becky Johnson.

"I would like to thank the Dodge City Area Arts Council Board members for helping put this event together and participate in the event," Brown said. "I couldn't have done this without the support of Andrea Stegman, David Phommasyha, Victoria Phommasyha, Chelsea Schwartz, Daniella Hernandez, Inga Ojalla, Kent Stehlik and Melissa McCoy."

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