KINSLEY — As the leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all, the American Heart Association marks 40 years of bringing heart health programs to schools across the country with financial grants investing in America’s schools.

Kinsley-Offerle Elementary School recently received a Kids Heart Challenge grant of $1,800 for physical education equipment and other sports.

According to the AHA, the Kids Heart Challenge offers four physical activations to get students’ hearts pumping: jumping rope, practicing basketball skills, dancing or completing an obstacle course.

"Schools are a critical link in providing the foundation for cardiovascular wellness in our communities by helping students develop healthy habits at an early age," American Heart Association executive director Katie Leiding said in a news release. "The Kids Heart Challenge helps students learn about heart health, find fun ways to stay physically active, provide valuable physical education curriculum.

"With the addition of the grant program, teachers gain access to funds to take their efforts to the next level, making an even greater impact on their students, families and local communities."

Paving the way for technological breakthroughs to improve health outcomes while creating healthier communities, funds raised by Kids Heart Challenge participants support the American Heart Association’s scientific research and outreach programs.

According to AHA, schools are encouraged to register for the Kids Heart Challenge to bring expanded curriculum resources to their classrooms.

All participating schools are eligible to apply for grants ranging from $250 to $3,500.

"The Kids Heart Challenge is important to my students and me because it gives us the opportunity to raise money for a good cause and learn about our health and our hearts," said Kinsley-Offerle Elementary teacher Betsy Smith.

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