Jan Scoggins has taken the role of consultant for the Capital Campaign of the Salvation Army of Dodge City recently.

According to the Salvation Army, the Capital Campaign is in conjunction with the Salvation Army of Dodge City, in its 126-year existence.

Currently, the Salvation Army headquarters for Dodge City is looking for a new location as the current condition of the facility and Thrift Store are beyond repair and inadequate for services.

With an extensive background of services in many facets of community organizations, including being a current Dodge City commissioner, Scoggins is ready for the task.

"I am extremely excited and appreciative for the privilege and opportunity to be part of this historical event for Dodge City and southwest Kansas," Scoggins said.

Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters Maj. David Havey expressed strong recognition of the accomplishments of Scoggins and the Capital Campaign.

"The Capital Campaign, 'Compassion in Action,' could not be more perfect for the services the Salvation Army of Dodge City has provided for the past 126 Years," Havey said in a news release. "As a community, we can participate in life-changing services that will remain even beyond the many years into the future."


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