LIBERAL — City officials took part in the Southwest Kansas Coalition annual meeting in Liberal on Wednesday.

According to officials, items on the agenda would later shape the business items that will later appear on each city’s commission agendas.

"The Southwest Kansas Coalition is a partnership achieved through an interlocal agreement between the cities of Dodge City, Garden City, and Liberal," said Ernestor De La Rosa, city of Dodge City assistant city manager/public affairs. "The purpose is to effectively advocate for our commonly identified State and Federal policy issues."

Outlined in the coalition’s interlocal agreement is the process of enacting the business items for each involved community.

Once discussion of proposed policies is presented by executive committees, each governing body presents the policy for official action at scheduled regular or special meetings of their governing body, per the agreement.

Other agenda items included a review of the purpose and original goals of the SKC, discussion of the annual trip to Washington, D.C., a review the 2019 legislative year, a preview of the 2020 year, discussing the coalition’s legislative platform and the Kansas Department of Transportation on roads and infrastructure projects in the Southwest region.

For more information regarding the SKC, contact De La Rosa at 620-225-8100.


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