On Sept. 9 at Dodge City Community College, hundreds of students attended the DCCC Transfer Fair at the DCCC Learning Resource Center.

The second annual event was hosted by the Connection Center and Title V, where students were able to meet with representatives of four-year higher education schools and ask questions on transfers, academic programs and scholarships.

According to DCCC in a news release, along with Kansas schools, representatives from schools in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri also were in attendance.

"One of the purposes is obviously to get resources to students so they have clarity," said DCCC Title V advising specialist Chloe Wurst in a news release. "But it’s much more than that.

"It’s a space where students have the opportunity to gain information, and just as importantly, develop better relational skills, develop information gathering and organization, and understand how to facilitate conversations with professionals."

According to Wurst, student-success events such as the DCCC Transfer Fair are beneficial when they are collaborative.

"My goal was to bring connection to life," Wurst said. "By providing incentive for faculty and students to connect and essentially build a relationship around how the Transfer Fair could help achieve student academic and career goals at Dodge City Community College."

Business major Connor Harris, a sophomore at DCCC, took part in the event and was pleased with its results.

"This was a great opportunity to figure out exactly how I want to move my education forward," Harris said in the news release. "I really like being taught face-to-face and get all the details. I know what I’m looking for, and now I know just exactly what’s available."

With many schools being represented, the DCCC Transfer Fair is a way to show students all possible options.

"This kind of thing is pretty unique and really exciting for all of us," said Washburn University admissions counselor Ian Marcos in the release. "It’s difficult to reach certain populations, especially in this part of the state, so to be able to come out here and make ourselves accessible is really smart and a fantastic opportunity for your students."

Wurst added, "Our mission is putting students first. Having more events like this will ensure students that their success is our primary interest, and reflects our institutional mission."


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