The recent departure of a long time DCPD police officer, Lt. Jeff Mooradian, has left a void in the department’s administration.

This void has been filled with the promotion of Sergeant Shannon McGee to the position of Police Lieutenant.

Lieutenant McGee began his career as a Kansas peace officer employed with the City of Dodge City Police Department in 2002.

Since that time he has served as a DCPD patrol officer, field training officer, member of the SWAT team, detective, corporal, detective sergeant, and patrol sergeant. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran where he served as a Military Policeman.

He is a certified Taser instructor since 2004 and also a certified Children’s Forensic interviewer since 2014.

With Lt. McGee’s promotion, I have placed him in command of the patrol bureau of the DCPD.

In this position, he will be responsible for the daily support, direction, and oversight of the department’s largest bureau and the backbone of every police department, uniformed patrol.

Considering Lt. McGee’s numerous years of SWAT experience, he will also be the new commander of the DCPD SWAT team.

Shannon and I have worked together his entire DCPD career; in fact, I was his field training officer (FTO) back in 2002 when he signed on. It has been a pleasure to work these streets and serve this community with him all this time. I am confident in his abilities and his devotion to our mission and trust that he will provide the leadership and support that empowers our uniformed police officers to make the difference we all joined the force to make.

I am very proud of Lt. Shannon McGee and very pleased to make this promotion.