Two big plays and lots of defense proved to be too much for the Dodge City Community College Conquistadors as they suffered a 14-3 loss to the Coffeyville Red Ravens in a Jayhawk Community College Conference on Oct. 5.

All the scoring took place in the first half, with the Conqs only able to come away with a 24 field goal late in the second quarter. The play covered 73 yards in 14 plays and ran 7:05 off the clock.

Coffeyville scored late in the first quarter on a 66-yard run and again in the second quarter on a 4-yard pass. The long 66-yard run was frustrating when Dodge missed four tackles that would have resulted in no gain but for a touchdown, said Ricky Coon, DCCC football coach.

"A couple of mistakes cost us the game," Coon said.

While the offense struggled against a stubborn Red Raven defense, they were able to move down the field and actually had more total yardage, 289 than the Red Ravens' 207.

It was just a matter of where those yards happened on the field and the offense unable to finish a drive. Its all a matter of execution, Coon said.

"We had the ball in the red zone but just couldn't score," Coon said. "Our players have to make plays. We have to be more effective. We just have to keep working on execution. We have to make passes and catches. And we have to block the right guy."

On the defense, the Conqs were effective, and outside of the two big plays that led to touchdowns, were solid for the whole game, including an interception.

"The whole defense played hard, they played physical from start to finish," Coon said.

Lightning caused a 30-minute delay in the fourth quarter, but by that time, both defenses had tightened up and neither team scored in the second half.

Next up for the Conqs is Iowa Central at 1 p.m. on Oct. 12 at Dodge City. They have not one but two quarterbacks that are the teams leading rushers and they have a dangerous spread offense. They are very athletic and have a strong defense, Coon said.

As the Conqs prepare for Iowa Central, the defense has to eliminate big plays that were a problem in the Coffeyville and other games. The team has to take better care of the football on offense and they have to score points.

"It's the basic stuff we have to do better. We have to play well and score points to have a chance," Coon said.

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