Hi, my name is Candace Fry. I am 16 years old and have been in 4-H ever since I could be.

I am a ninth year member of the Wright Wonder Workers 4-H club and a junior at Spearville High School.

One of my favorite parts about 4-H is how many opportunities there are for you. During my 9 years in 4-H I have made so many new friends from all over the state at 4-H camps, trips, livestock judging contests, and regional/state events.

It’s really cool getting to see some the friends you’ve made when playing sports against them, or even just at the store.

This summer our 4-H Exchange Program traveled to Delaware for a week, we had the best time with the group of 4-H kids that hosted us.

Out of the many projects offered in 4-H, some of my favorites that I am involved in are photography, raising goats and pigs to show, sewing, and baking.

4-H has made such a big impact in my life. I used to be the quiet and shy little girl who never wanted to talk, but this amazing program has helped me come out of my shell.

I encourage you to ask me questions or contact our local extension office and learn more about 4-H if you have questions!

It’s National 4-H Week! 4-H has so many opportunities that you can get involved in as well as meet new people.

The 4-H Exchange Program allowed me and other 4-H’ers to travel across the states to Delaware and learned about other young adults in 4-H and their beautiful state.

This last year, I was the Club’s Treasurer and this experience helped me in my High School Class this year. Some of my favorite projects are swine, ceramics, and Foods and Nutrition.

My ceramic projected was selected to go to the Hutchinson State Fair and be displayed for all to see.

I recommend getting involved in 4-H – the experiences and opportunities are one of a kind!

Erika Fry, 14

Wright Wonder Workers