If all the world’s a stage, what does that make the afterworld?

The Depot Theater, a proud landmark for "live theater on the high plains," will stage a kind of after-life theater Nov. 2 when it plays host to Road Trip Paranormal and a limited group of 30 paying ghost hunters.

The so-called Paranormal Event is for one night only and comes at the cost of $30 per person, to benefit the Depot.

Road Trip Paranormal is a Wichita-based team of ghost hunters and investigators that travels the state in search of opportunities to connect eerie evidence of the past with people in the present.

The services they offer include investigations of paranormal activity inside homes and businesses, private and public ghost tours, public lectures and ghost-themed road trips to this city and others in Kansas.

Ticket holders are encouraged to bring cameras, flashlights and any other paranormal gear they think might help them document eye-witness evidence of paranormal activity.

To purchase tickets, call The Depot Theater Company 620-225-1001 or visit www.depottheaterco.com.

Also visit www.roadtripparanormal.com or go to Facebook and search "Road Trip Paranormal."

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