An amendment was reached during the joint Dodge City/Ford County commission meeting Monday regarding the agreement with Triple T Promotions for the Dodge City Raceway Park.

"A change will be made on the frequency of payment of the subsidy currently in place with raceway park," assistant Dodge City manager Melissa McCoy said. "This year (2020) we are not anticipating a World of Outlaws show and with that the subsidy would be $200,000 and we would break that up over the raceway season. Those payments would be nine instead of four."

The subsidy payments would go from January to October in 2020.

By not having a World of Outlaws race in 2020, the subsidy of $200,000 would be divided as follows: $40,000 January; $20,000 March; $15,000 April; $15,000 May; $30,000 June; $20,000 July; $20,000 August; $20,000 September and $20,000 October.

The payments will be issued after the first commission meeting of the month.

"Tommie (Estes, manager of raceway park), has a lot of cost upfront to get ready for the season," McCoy said. "That's why he wanted to split that up."

McCoy also noted that Estes' agreement with the city expires in December 2020 with an automatic extension in place for five years.

"Attendance has been on an upswing," McCoy said of the raceway. "The addition of the Little DCRP also brought in a whole new age group of folks who are excited about racing, going so far as not wanting the season to end, so I think that has been a great addition."

The payment amendment to Triple T Promotions was approved by the Dodge City Commission 5-0 and Ford County Commission 3-0.


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