I like 4-H because it’s fun, it’s cool, and my two favorite projects are pigs and arts/crafts. I like seeing all of the cool things that people make.

I like learning how to show pigs, and I also like learning how to make foods. I just really like it!

Amilee Wasson (Age 8, 2nd year in Lucky Clovers 4-H Club)

I like 4-H because I love showing animals, and doing crafts. I also like it because you get to have a chance to stand up and talk to your club.

I love 4-H because of all the friends I have made there. 4-H has benefited my life because it shows me how my parents grew up.

I love showing pigs and making good bacon. I know it is good, because they were really fat!

Adrienne Wasson (Age 11, 5th year in Lucky Clovers 4-H Club)