Dodge City Mayor Brian Delzeit presented attendees with the 2019 State of the City Address on Wednesday at the Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center.

Delzeit gave information on current and upcoming projects in the future.

Some of the highlights of the address were the future plans for curbside recycling, Dodge City Airport reconstruction and new Essential Air Service provider and the mill levy.

"In the past couple of years, we had the opportunity to purchase land near 4th Avenue and Trail Street for the new recycling center," Delzeit said. "It will be located at 14th Avenue and Park Street and will allow for more storage of recycled materials.

"With a much larger building, staff will continue to look into implementing a curbside recycling program throughout Dodge City."

Once implemented, residents will be able to sign up for the curbside service to be picked up along with trash day.

The goal of holding curbside recycling is to encourage more residents to take part in recycling, Delzeit added.

The Dodge City Airport reconstruction is nearing its end as the runway and expansion will allow for more suitable air travel for area residents both in and out of Dodge City.

"The most recent project began in 2018 for runway 1432," Delzet said. "The project was broken into two different Federal Aviation Administration grant phases. The first phase was completed in 2018 and the second began earlier this year and is in the final stages of completion."

The runway will remain the same length; however, the concrete yield rating will allow for larger planes to be able to land.

In August, the Dodge City Commission approved the news EAS for Dodge City with SkyWest Airways.

Once final approval is made with the Department of Transportation, SkyWest estimated flights will begin in Dodge City in February 2020.

"With 12 round-trip flights offered per week, SkyWest will use an aircraft with a 50-seat capacity," Delzeit said. "The average ticket price will be about $75 and is one of the safest records in FAA history."

Plans are also in the works in remodeling the terminal building, with more space expanded for the lobby and screening rooms for additional passengers, as well as additions to the parking lot to better control overflow parking.

Delzeit closed with talking about how over the past four years, there has been a significant drop in the mill levy.

"Our now has been accomplished while simultaneously lowering the mill levy," Delzeit said. "We have been very progressive in improving Dodge City while diligently being conscience of the taxes and working towards lowering them."

In 2017, the mill levy was at 51.021. It was lowered to 48.755 in 2018, 46.828 in 2019 and 46.294 budgeted for 2020.


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